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Ani Lorak stopped hiding her relationship with the producer of Black Star

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak // Photo: Instagram

After Ani Lorak, 40, divorced her husband, her fans actively discussed her personal life. Previously there were rumors that the artist met with Black Star label sound producer Yegor Gleb, but the star himself did not comment on this information. However, on the night of June 14, the singer published photos along with representatives from famous companies. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that Lorac found happiness next to Egor.

"Good, warm night", – signed Ani's romantic frame.

Fans start hoping for some happiness. According to them, it was Egor who helped Lorak survive a difficult divorce. "You look great together! I hope this man will not offend you", "How happy I am! A talented girl like that deserves simple female happiness", "That's not for anything circulating rumors. Ani and Egor, you're beautiful, "These star fans share their opinions.

Ani and Egor hid the relationship

Ani and Egor hid the relationship // Photo: Instagram

Not much is known about the newly elected Lorak. Egor lived in Kiev for a long time, and after that he moved to Moscow and began working with the Black Star label. The 26-year-old sound producer is close friends with Yegor Creed and other stars from the domestic show business. Fans suggested that lovers meet behind the scenes of one of the concerts, and the age difference did not become a barrier to their relationship.

Remember that for nine years, Ani Lorak married Turkish businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu. In interviews, lovers regularly talk about how they support each other in all efforts, but in July 2018, their relationship broke. The fact is that the couple's actress was filmed at the club with another girl. Later, Murat repeatedly deceived his wife.

Ani herself did not comment on the quarrel with her husband. In the fall it is known that he filed for divorce. Lorak insisted that his daughter, Sophia, stay with him with Murat. In this case, the artist does not prohibit ex-spouses from seeing heirs. The singer's wedding officially ended in January 2019. The star himself occasionally told him that the new stage began in his life.

Ani and Murat raised the daughter of Sophia, who was seven years old

Ani and Murat raised the daughter of Sophia, who was seven years old // Photo: Instagram

June 9, Ani's daughter celebrates her birthday. Sophia's father was not present at the celebration, but Murat then congratulated the child. Fans suggested that Lorac try to minimize communication with her ex, because she was still offended by him. But when the former couple tried to maintain neutrality for the sake of the heir.

It is not yet known how long the relationship between Lorac and the Black Star producer has developed, but it is very possible that the star couple will soon begin attending social gatherings.

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