Thursday , November 21 2019
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Alla Pugachev and Maxim Galkin drink full :: Show business ::

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are honored guests at a social event. It's about the opening of the Lime Vaikule "Rendezvous" festival.

Primadona and her young partner did not respect journalists. They really refused to answer their questions, not even wanting to look away at the interviewer. Ukrainian media were very angry with the disparaging behavior.

The Alla Borisovna fan club publishes on its Instagram page a video from the opening of the festival. Fans after what they saw were very angry. They began to beat up angry words in the hearts of celebrities.

"It seems that Zvereva has become", "If I like my hair trimmed on the back of my head neatly attached," "However, age is increasing," the vengeful criticism criticized.

Note that star pairs react to more loyal photographers. They actively pose and smile, looking towards the paparazzi lens.

Previously, Maxima and Alla Borisovna were accused of instilling false values ​​in one of their children. When they wrote to, fans noted a striking resemblance between their daughter and their parents.

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