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Alena Vodonaeva "destroys" elite stores: Show-Business: VladTime

An angry leader cannot hold back emotions and frankly swears.

The former participant of the "Dom-2" project, and now popular TV presenter Alyona Vodonaeva often publishes on the Web exposing videos where she is not ashamed to criticize. What are just a number of posts about the company "Aeroflot", and now it's the turn of one of the elite supermarkets, which stars are scattered into pieces. Alain himself called it a premium store, but stressed that he did not deserve this title.

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That's why, tell me, in 2018 stores that position themselves as premium (at a price) allow themselves to be more disrespectful (they want to write animals, but I won't) behave towards customers? Shop – Mega-Center "Italy". I went to this shop for years. Even the first husband left, and because it was 10 years old, no less, I was a buyer. Discount card (10%), for a moment, you need to buy! It costs 10 thousand rubles and is issued for only one year. You see, yes, the balance of relationships with buyers. If anything, I have ???????? Question ?? I bought it (card) to take an avocado like that with "avocado" with a ten percent discount? Is that like that, friend ?! I went all week, saw this basket with rotten products and waited to be replaced with fresh ones. Not changed. He asked the seller, and they immediately brought me a "new girl" from behind. Ahrenet "spoon"! Yeah, clean 90s! How can it be? And if shy people come and don't ask? What is the seller relying on? Become rotten because of the price of space rockets? It's also not honest! And it's very unpleasant. However, dear and dear MegaCenter, I have found "fresh juice" which is fermented several times. That stale. But the pay is like new. And yes, because we have post revelations: guards who use Cerberus on their heels are also very annoying. I came to the shop for shopping, I wanted to calm down povybirat, walk around, think what I needed, and not feel arrogant, stab eyes every time! Maybe you hang the camera? Or the gate that squeaks, strengthens? And in general for the money, the service wants to receive the equivalent! Always and everywhere it should be. Enough to "suck" to work. Gone is the time. Thank you # Consumer Corner # Quality Sign # Complaints Book # Review

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Celebrities share with fans of the next video, which shows how elite stores "work for suckers." For a full week, the presenter went to the store and watched the show with exotic fruits. The department with avocados has not been updated so far, and fruits have been managed, according to Alena, to "die." "This is really …! This is embarrassing. Take it from the counter, "interrupted the desperate celebrity. Vodonaeva said that she was quickly replaced by fresh and beautiful fruits only after a salesman poked a rotting avocado on her face. Alain guards are called "Cerberus", which does not allow easy to select products.

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