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On a positive note, Admiral completed his home series, beating November 27, HC Sochi at Fetisov Arena with a score of 4: 2. This victory is for the second and seventh "sailors" this season.

In the first period, the guests attacked more, but already in the fifth minute of the meeting, the ice masters opened the score: Karel Kubat got the pieces at the point of throwing in and attacked correctly. For Kubat this piece is the third in this season. "Sochi residents" with similar developments did not agree and tried to take the initiative into their own hands, but the defenders and Anton Krasotkin made no mistakes.

At the end of the period, teams exchanged deletions, and if "Admiral" failed to apply the excess, "Sochi" took advantage of their opportunities. Six seconds before the first break, defender Yurka Jokipakka, a guest, throws into an open corner – and opponents rest with the same score.

In the middle of the second period, "Sochi" was given the opportunity for "seamen" to finish the match in a composition that was not the same. And if the first deletion for the guests passed without a trace, then when Ovita Yoann went into the penalty box, Vladivostok took 10 seconds to distinguish himself. And Sergey Konkov scored the second goal almost from the same point as Karel Kubat.

At the start of the third period, Admiral created a comfortable advantage for himself in two goals, after distinguishing himself for the third time. Mishchenko hit on goal from distance, and Vladimir Butuzov was quick to finish all of them.

Laksamana's advantage lasts about three minutes. In very controversial circumstances, the second piece was thrown at the Admiral's goal. The chip visited the goal almost simultaneously with the players from each team. The judge canceled the goal at first, but the guest coaching staff requested a preview of the video, and after a lengthy trial, it was decided that Damir Rakhimullin corrected the piece with his leg, but at the last moment he touched Stepan Zakharchuk, who was the destination.

Sochi launches a real attack at the Admiral gate. The host goes under the chip, trying to avoid annoying mistakes. Two minutes before the last siren, the guests traditionally got rid of the goalkeeper, but in the end got a piece into the empty goal. And Konstantin Glazachev scored.

He celebrated the victory of "Admiral" in a very original way – in the NHL style "Carolina Hurricanes". After applauding the fans, team players are accelerated and fight in the ice box.

"Admiral spoke well against Dynamo-Minsk and, in general, played well. We cannot prepare it properly. We try to organize people for difficult games, but because they lose concentration, they make mistakes and get a lot of deletions that are very detrimental to us, "said after the match. Sochi's head coach, Sergey Zubov.

The head coach of Admiral, Sergey Svetlov I first described the meeting with two words: "Satisfied with the game!", But then continued: "The game is good, the game is interesting, tense. The third period is a little "validolny". Even so, I like the dedication of men, the struggle to the end. Characters show, survive and win. "

November 29, "Admiral" will go to Chelyabinsk, where he will play against "Traktor".

"Admiral" (Vladivostok) – Sochi HC – 4: 2 (1: 1, 1: 0, 2: 1)

November 27. Vladivostok. Fetisov Arena. 3795 spectators. Judge: Bukin, Vasiliev.

"Admiral" (6): Krasotkin; Zakharchuk – Ugolnikov, Chernikov (2) – V. Streltsov – A. Streltsov; Kubat (2) – Tatalin, Konkov-K – Polak – Zaitsev; Mishchenko – Kozlovsky (2), Korolev – Vikharev – Butuzov; Karmashkov – Dyakov, Glazachev – Mereskin – Voronin.

Sochi (10): Shikin (57: 51-58: 01, 58:10); Yokipakka – Y. Alexandrov, O & # 39; Dell – Rosen (2) – Bocharov (2); Vorobiev – Shchitov-K (2), Kapustin – Kaletnik (2) – Shmelev; Ovitya (2) – Rykov, Polunin – Tochitsky – Altybarmakian; D. Aleksandrov – Zborovsky, Starkov – Tomilin – Rakhimullin.


1: 0 Kubat (Tatalin, Butuzov, 4:13)

1: 1 Jokipakka (O Dell Dell, 19: 54-bol)

2: 1 Konkov (Kubat, Polak, 33: 22-bol)

3: 1 Butuzov (Mishchenko, Vikharev, 41:17)

3: 2 Rakhimullin (44:12)

4: 2 Glazachev (A. Streltsov, 58: 01-п. В.)

Throw: 24 (8 + 8 + 8) – 28 (8 + 9 + 11)

Faceoffs: 25 (3 + 14 + 8) – 31 (11 + 3 + 17)

Blocked photos: 19 (5 + 10 + 4) – 8 (3 + 3 + 2)

Power reception: 9 (4 + 3 + 2) – 8 (1 + 4 + 3).


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