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A network called the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado counter: AvtoMedia: VladTime

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has gained widespread popularity among domestic drivers, as one of the most reliable cars. However, it has many disadvantages where commentators on the web are sure.

Under one of the reviews on the "Svoy heading" YouTube channel, netizens call many minuses to "innocent" Japanese SUVs. One driver said that when the engine is running it is not possible to completely turn off the lights in the cabin, at least – you can dim into the parking lights: "In the position of their dimensions it will shine until the battery is completely gone, they don't think about it!" The same driver noted that the dashboard was set to a wheel with a larger diameter than the one installed at Pradika.

There is complete desynchronization with any device testimony: "At speed 80 on the speedometer, the original is 86. And with a run of 100 km, the odometer records around 110. In general, the distance between me is quickly eaten!".

Other car owners complained about the quality of the steering wheel, which was basically erased by 50,000 kilometers. In addition, it turns out that the automatic switching from the main beam to the next does not work at the right time and not always, and when the windshield is turned on, the network jam warning light lights up. In addition, the driver notes impressive callipers during braking and poor quality paint on the edges: "Stay without paint after first slipping on clay!".

Finally, one of the observant owners of "Pradika no sin" found interesting recommendations in the operating instructions of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, failure to comply that led to failure of authorized dealers in warranty repairs: that it could not get out of the expensive and slipping public. That doesn't make sense, but for this reason I'm officially denied a guarantee! "


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