Windows 10 problem

Windows 10. Microsoft recently launched the October 2018 Update, only in November, and that was because it failed to resolve the problems found by customers in the month in which they had to provide updates. By overcoming this serious problem, Microsoft has relaunched the update, and now Windows 10 users report other serious operating system problems, some of which the company promises to solve when there is time.

Windows 10. The first serious problem with the operating system is related to Windows Media Player, which maybe not many people use it, but it is completely blocked when it comes to using the video navigation bar. Users can no longer use this Windows 10 function after installing Update 2018 on a computer, so they are forced to use other applications, and may use nothing but VLC.

Windows 10. NEW PROBLEMS for Computers

Windows 10. The second big problem, which was discovered a few weeks ago, was theoretically solved, but almost unresolved, related to file associations with certain programs installed on the computer. Unfortunately, users cannot associate certain file types from Windows 10 computers with the programs they have installed so that they open them directly from the first access, and Microsoft still has no solution to this problem, far more serious than others.

The glorious application, which has really been stuck on version 12 since the days of Windows 7, has suffered a little in the hands of Windows 10 build 17763.134 (aka October 2018 update, which finally appeared in November). According to the gang at Redmond, "users may not be able to use the Search Bar" thanks to the 1809 prize. There is no more skipping to bits that are good for you. More serious is the last problem: borked Win32 defaults. Windows allows users to specify the default application that will be used to open certain file types.

Windows 10. Even though the operating system has a very big problem on the US stock market, this company has great success, managing to run Apple, as if everything is pink and everything will work as it should. Windows 10 has had problems since it was released by Microsoft, and things that definitely won't change any updates will be released by Americans, so be patient, or choose macOS.


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