Unfortunately, this is DENTAL BECALI … (PHOTO)


The case of the actor who played Cătălin Zmarăndescu in the parody of Gigi Becali was made by 'Mondenii & # 39; in 2006 and who had been in real life as long as the coast guard had created hysteria on social networks.

Actor Mihai Bendeac confirmed the rumor in a post. Bendeac made a collage that showed where he was and what he did in 2006, namely acting as a bodyguard for Gigi Becali, and in 2018 he was his bodyguard.

"I DON'T BELIEVE THAT CEVA !!! Zmarandescu's appearance from" Mondens "now, forever, Gigi's bodyguard," Bendeac wrote to the picture posted.


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