Thursday , June 17 2021

The story behind Adelina Pestritu's clothes for the baptism of little Zenaida

When Adelina Pestritu spent one of the most beautiful days of her life with her family, the star chose her clothes very carefully to make her appearance in Hollywood! The beautiful brunette is making her little girl today, Maria Zenaida is small, and her clothes and emotions are amazing!

For this important event, Adelina Pestritu chose to wear white clothes because of symbolic purity. Because he has been accustomed to his admirers for years, this time, this star is proficient in fine details when it comes to choosing clothes, which is why he wants his shoulder arms with details like never before. "I chose to wear white clothes, because it was an extraordinary day, and white was purity. From the beginning I knew I wanted decent clothes with trousers, jackets and hats in this outfit and it was perfect," said Adelina Pestritu , on a personal page.

The location is also very important when thinking about what clothes are appropriate. "We walked in a straight line without blankets or empty feet. Respecting the fact that we would go to a church where we would baptize our little girl, and that clothes must be worthy of everything.", The brunette he loved. from showbiz Romania.

As for Zenaida's small clothes, she was chosen with great attention to detail and material, like her mother. "I calculated that the skin was sensitive and needed very fine and smooth material – also white to match Mommy," Adelina Pestritu said in the same article about her daughter's clothes.

For a night party, Adelina Pestritu chooses a silver, fringe, sexy and transparent skirt that scares the internet. Therefore this star highlights all the forms and all the beautiful features that nature gives to its mother. For restaurants, everything is like a fairy tale! Shades of white and pink, ideal for a dream party!

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