Monday , January 25 2021

The Chinese protector has upset me

Dan Petrescu returned on Tuesday after releasing Guizhou Zhicheng and revealed why the Chinese protector was angry with him.

Petrescu said he still did not know whether he would continue in China because the owner of Guizhou was angry because he received a seven-stage suspension.

"The referee decided that the owner was angry because I took 7 stages of football. There was nothing to blame but he was upset because I was knocked out twice. I challenged several phases in the middle of the field," Petrescu said when he returned to the country.

Regarding his future, Petrescu said that he was not sure whether he would remain in China, waiting for a sign from the employer.

"I still have a one-year contract, but I still have to see what will happen." For now, there's nothing clear about the team, but I don't have a miracle, but I have a lot of problems there, enthusiasm is in the field. It remains to be seen what will happen, "Petrescu added.

Last week, Chinese media wrote that Guizhou officials proposed Petrescu to leave the team.


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