Monday , July 26 2021

Prahova: The driver dies after entering the TIR at the pharmacy

TIR drivers died on Sunday night in an accident at DN 1B at Valea Călugărească, Prahova county, after entering a vehicle in a pharmacy and destroying a gas pipeline, according to the MEDIAFAX correspondent.

Image of Prahova: Dead driver after entering the TIR at the pharmacy

Prahova: The driver dies after entering the TIR at the pharmacy

According to Prahova Police, the accident occurred at Valea Calugareasca on a slippery road.

"The TIR came out of the traffic lane and entered the pharmacy. There was no one inside, the pharmacy was closed," quoted the source quote.

The first trailer damaged the gas pipe, then the tractor's head stopped at the pharmacy.

Firefighters were asked at the impact site to bring the driver out of the cabin, where he was imprisoned, handed over the victim to the paramedics who found that he had died.

TIR is not loaded.

The police opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

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