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Oana Zăvoranu's strong reaction after her husband was wrong

Daria Maria Deacon,

Oana Zăvoranu published a message defending his life partner and said that everything was an invention.

"We live in a time when evil, misery, jealousy and falseness prevails … Very disappointing to you, our love is real, pure, deep and cannot be disturbed by sad images that you can place directly on … not on storage area, that even if you don't have the "chair" that I hear …

… Everything is a lie, there is nothing they want, that they will starve to death than mice! I assure you that if I have something important to say, I will do it personally … ", wrote Oana Zăvoranu in an online environment.

Oana Zăvoranu, with her husband, Alex Ashraf

Oana Zăvoranu is one of the most famous stars in the Romanian entertainment world. She is an actress, singer and TV moderator. At present, Oana Zăvoranu is married to Alex Ashraf. The star is also married to the famous singer Pepe.

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