Saturday , May 8 2021

"Morometes 2". Looking for lost time

Romanian people waited for three decades to continue the film Morometii. Three decades where Romanian cinema barely returned to the past, assuming the screening of the leading novel of Romanian literature. Time has also passed in Silistea-Gumeşti, ten years more precisely, the film that gave us an old village after the passing of the Second World War. This is the time of change and, perhaps, life, because walnuts have grown in the place of acacia.

Morome 2 is not filtering the second volume of novels written by Marin Preda, or remake. Director Stere Gulea, who first delivered the film, created the continuation of Morometes as the core of Preda's autobiography: Volume two Morometes, Life as prey and part of his journalism.

This action was placed in the period before the establishment of the communist regime in Romania, 1945-1946. We found the old and far more serious Ilie Moromete, but who hadn't changed his mind: he still smoked his cigarette in front of the house and read the newspaper "Justice." Even though it was a transition period in Romania, on a family plane, Elijah tried to gather everyone at home: three boys who left Bucharest and the wife of Catrina, who left him.

The fate of the late Niculae was divided between being a journalist debut at "Timpul" and a party activist. Little Moromete was in the editorial office of the newspaper, when he was at home for Silistea, when in the midst of political events on the road. Moromeţii 2 brought to the audience not only the village of Teleorman, but also the capital at the end of the monarchy and the beginning of communism, the changes that were best played in the film through one of the last pro-monarchy actions in the period: King Michael's Day.

Authentic Romanian villages, the life of the Moromete family, but perhaps also the regrouping of each of them are just a few reasons why Moromeţii 2 is the most eagerly awaited film this year. This is a journey in the past, a search for lost time. The film goes to theaters throughout the country on November 16.

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