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Loredana at Electric Castle 2019: The biggest pop artist in Romania made me forget about the Tommy Cash – Music scandal

I didn't listen to Loredana during the concert because I didn't have a special interest in the music. However, when I saw it at Electric Castle 2019 yesterday, I forgot all the Tommy Cash pornographic pictures at a festival where children up to 12 years old can enter for free. That's the real problem, not the hand, because many people rushed to comment.

Everyone talks about Tommy Cash and the hands he put in during the Electric Castle set. The committee's attempt to offer the best quality festival was forgotten by everyone when the rapper, who mistakenly categorized him as a DJ by commentators "scandal," decided to grieve over the bad luck at "That's my days". This diminished the entire festival, which had enough attention in the beginning.

I completely forgot the pornographic images designed by Tommy Cash at a festival where children up to 12 years old had free entry, genre, real problems, not grip, when I saw Loredana. The first time I heard he was going to sing at Electric Castle, I thought he would do it on Hangar on Wednesday, maybe working with Disco, a group of concerts and DJ organizers promoting pop music in the past.

I have many reasons in the world to believe that. It has become a kind of tradition in the Electric Castle in recent years, in line with the whole wave of nostalgia for the eighth or ninjectic pop. Two years ago they sang at Bonida Corina Chiriac and Mirabela Dauer. Last year was Class. I thought it was Loredana Groza's turn to give her the same film.

Then I saw him scheduled to sing on the main stage. I learned from the committee that he would sing with all the fanfare behind him, as he had done in the past with the Agurida project. He will also invite boys from raahra B.E.N.Z. to sing with him. You cannot enter this production to Hangar. It must be seen on the main stage, even out of curiosity. That's what i do.

How I changed my mind about Loredana

I haven't seen Loredana in concert because I don't have a special interest in the music. I didn't even know someone who went home and played Loredana Groza after a day of work. This is something you accidentally heard on radio or TV. That's the best, because in the past few years Loredana is better known for her appearance in Voice of Romania than the music she did. The exception is the collaboration with B.E.N.Z., which was about a month ago, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. That's one of the main reasons why I say I have to see it at Electric Castle 2019.

During the concert I realized I liked more pieces from him. The event starts with an instrumental number from the hubbub of the stage. Yes, a hubbub, including Roman instrumentalists, but "THE CASTLE ELECTRICAL ORGANIZER IS VERY SUCCESSFUL TO LIVE I IS MY LIFE." Putting aside the irony, this with discrimination is the dumbest argument for all work with Minune's hand.

Finally, we return to the concert, which enters Loredana Groza on stage after the highest intro. Ma'am, how does it look. He is an extraordinary confidence and charisma. He catches the audience first and does what he wants. This is a sign of an artist with decades of experience on the stage behind. It has a colorful microphone, including a tripod. The shoes are the same.

Loredana has a long history of activism for the rights of the LGBTQ community. And on Facebook we only heard about ELECTRICAL CASTIC DISCRIMINATION. Too bad. However, this woman starts with hits like "I Love You" or "Extravaganza" and a special version of "Raise Me to Heaven." There are no boys from B.U.G. Mafia, unfortunately, but the rhythm is played by hubbub, which gives a fresh voice.

Towards the rap, the long-awaited moment for me came in the middle of the concert. Loredana asked the sat-band to sing with their first and only collaboration. I hope this is not the last. B.E.N.Z., the trio formula without Lu-K Beats, has made an excellent debut at Electric Castle. It's only a matter of time before they have their own concert at Bonida. This is a festival band with lots of energy and a stage presence.

That says a lot when you sit in Loredana Groza and you don't look out of the landscape. Besides "What we care about," Sata and Loredana sang a little "Adidas", when the Super ED broke up and urged the audience to step forward and show their shoes, that is, lift them head. Some have done this. I do not. It's hard to keep your balance on both feet when you reach chronic fatigue that is packed with any festival.

The audience, who returned with his shoes, got what he wanted when Loredana sang "Good night, dear," one of his most famous works, which came out on the market in 1987. Outdated. It's the same as the famous drama about a girl named Cristina with her beautiful hair. All the audience shouted the lyrics, especially the feathers you know if you were in Bucharest and left at night.

Unfortunately, div words have negative connotations in everyday language. This is used when someone is hypersensitive or naked. In fact, that means a very famous singer so even the word "star" does not fully respect him. Loredana is always associated with the term divine. It is true, but in the true sense of the word. He proved it again at the Electric Castle. In fact, after this concert, I think we should look for another title. It's me that the word "div" doesn't respect him completely.

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