Saturday , May 8 2021

Iordache: I apologize for the reflex movement that I have from the stands

Previously, Liberal MP Florin Roman had asked him to show respect and apologize.

"On behalf of the PNL Group, I ask you, the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputy Florin Iordache, to prove your honor and after last week you polluted this democratic temple which shows the hall, parliamentary colleagues and the entire country indecent movements without apologizing for the day I understand that you have returned to the Standing Bureau again and feel the need to understand that you do not understand anything.Therefore, starting today, every day, PNL will ask your court to resign from the position of deputy chairman of the Room Deputy and if you think of this institution, you will understand that you are wrong, that you must apologize and you must correct this attitude. If not, you will remain in the history of this Parliament by hand with another colleague who has signaled identical, no answered at that time, you will, unfortunately, remain Mr. Iordache in the isto "We apologize to you and we look forward to your respect and "I am a man who can certainly be honored," he said, quoting Agerpres.

Florin Iordache said he regretted his attitude last week, adding that he had never had a move that would endanger his colleagues at the Advisory Bureau meeting on Monday.

"I understand to say I regretted last week the movement I made from the stands and regretted (…) the reflex movement I had from the stands without speaking to any part of the room, only today, on the contrary, at a colleague's Standing Bureau, while the Standing Bureau meeting, found that the way I held my hand was somehow offensive. Under no circumstances did I follow … and I apologize that (…) the way I stretch my hand in your opinion … Finally, I want to close this topic … (…) So if you think last week the way I turned here, the way I considered it, I understand to regret the fact that the attitude we have from here has caused so much debate. And today, I repeat, in the Standing Bureau, I have never had a signal that would endanger my colleague, because I repeat, if I have something to say, I tell you and argue, "I said h Iordache.

USR lawmaker Iulian Bulai on Monday stated that Social Democrat Florin Iordache made an obsessive new movement at the Marking Bureau meeting, this time against the leader of the PNL deputy, Raluca Turcan.

"Today is quite stressful sitting at some point. At some point, following the opposition's request regarding the Prime Minister's presence, Mrs. Dăncilă, Mr. Iordache made another obscene move from time to time who was eating cake, for Mrs. Turcan. ( …) The same direct attitude, but at the same time disguised with hands that eat the cake, but synchronized with the smile of approval from Quaestor Gerea, while this discussion took place between Mrs. Turcan and Mr. Iordache, "Bulai said on Monday in Parliament .

USR representatives said the move was carried out intentionally. "This cannot be interpreted, it has been deliberately done, I have seen it, and in the light of this gesture, our request from USR to make the Founding Bureau meetings very relevant," Iulian Bulai said.

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