Saturday , July 24 2021

How Oana Zavoranu conspired after losing her cat!

Oana Zavoranu and her husband, Alex Ashraf, received new family members in their homes. To get past the death of one of his favorite hunters, whom he struggled to live through expensive care, Oana thought that other pets would be the perfect recipe for happiness.

Known as a very loving animal, Oana also took part in events like this, the star chose to adopt two other wild animals. This is of course a kitten and, surprisingly, a dog. Oana revealed that the kitten reminded him of his favorite life sucker, Muffins (muffin no), and the dog was taken from "an animal lover who saved him" and asked the star if he didn't want to save it. Oana died because of a young man, whom he decided to stab him.

Oana Zavoranu adopted a dog

When Oana adopted more cats lately, the star decided that it was time for another pet. The star made them meet with his virtual friends with the dog he adopted, named Jack.

"My name is Jack! Jack is our girlfriend who was taken from an animal lover who saved him and asked us if we wanted to take him! I said yes, and now we have a puppy. Not a race, but special and funny. He is very loving, friendly and happy "Tomorrow we take the reins, collars and toys, then go to the SPA to pamper ourselves. We love Jack! Welcome to your new home," Oana Zavoranu wrote on Instagram, in front of a film where new family members appeared, the dog, Jack.

Oana Zavoranu is a very loving cat

After losing one of his favorite hunters, Oana could not resist the temptation and, in addition to the adopted puppy, decided to provide protection to the cat he called Mimi. The star revealed that the kitten remembered Muffins. "That's what Mimi was like before she went home to her parents and brothers who loved her so much. I didn't oppose these photos. Unfortunately, Mimi is deaf, but that doesn't make her less princess! Welcome! You remember a little about my muffins , "Oana wrote on Instagram's personal account.

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