Hagi Gang, caught in the middle of a sex scandal


Known for his attacks on various characters in Romanian football, Sorin Răducanu, former soccer player and Dinamo, "blew up" the bomb yesterday. Invited to the GSP Live event, he talked about the relationship Gheorghe Hagi will have with his two best friends.

"There are two heads under the blanket"

"Until 1989 in Sinaia. There were several villas between the hotels. In one of the villas, there was a winter holiday Hagi, Belodedici, Balint, Dr. Amer Dinţarul, and Gigi Becali. I went and I was happier, crying there Happy birthday year! and I wondered where Hagi was. The other said in the room and shouted Don't go in! I didn't count and I opened the door, and from under the blanket two heads were appointed, Mr. Gica and Mr. Dinţar. call them Happy Birthday! and they say Let's talk, leave us alone! Let's talk. Before his first wife, Hagi spent 2-3 years at home with a man, Darius Handrea. Why is Hagi divorcing my first wife ?! Because of Handrea! ", Is it a frightening statement from Răducanu.

"Dentist" is Syrian Amer Al Mouzayen, a dentist founded in Romania, who opened profile cabinets in the 90s. He was a friend of Gica Hagi and Gabi Balint, and he was financially assisted by both of them to start this business. Darius Handrea is one of Raja's best friends, a man who coordinates his affairs with a former Romanian international.

"It's embarrassing and condescending"

Gica Hagi married Leni Celnicu in 1990, but the relationship ended immediately due to incompatibility in character. Then, "The King" married Marilena Vlahbei in 1995. A few hours after Sorin Răducanu's statement, Hagi reacted in a press release. "This is embarrassing and degrading to the level achieved, to create this misery with the sole purpose of degrading!"

That was said because it was not chosen by anyone

Sorin Răducanu is the candidate for the head of the FRF election and is known for his fantasy plans.

The former footballer will want UEFA to release the federation, so he can make internal orders. In 2014, Raducanu did not win votes. For him, the club which gave him a recommendation did not even reveal his choice to join the general election. Yesterday, Raducanu also attacked Mircea Lucescu, who he said he only appeared in football in corrupt countries such as Romania and Ukraine.

BREAKING NEWS! The decision in the case of Dumitru Dragomir!


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