Free blood glucose testing campaign in Suceava


Without providing specific symptoms for a long time, diabetes can be diagnosed late. Even if there are some signs that everything is irregular, the affected person and the family will not be aware as soon as possible. Furthermore, diagnosing a family member with diabetes is considered a disaster. At the same time, for doctors and diabetic specialists, taking over new cases is a routine. To deal with this conflict, both patients and families need support.

Diabetes is a chronic deactivating condition that develops many complications if not treated properly. This disease can occur at any age: children, young adults, more than 40s, prospective mothers with gestational diabetes. These differences also have different effects on how those affected continue their lives. For most diets, glycemic testing, timely treatment, and proper insulin injections are part of the daily routine.

"Diabetic specialists are people who not only regulate treatment, they also help with advice about adopting a way of life that will control disease. People with type 2 diabetes after being diagnosed with a strict follow-up program are decided by diabetes experts. Therapeutic education is supported by diabetes educators with information about diet, the importance of physical effort, glycemic monitoring, information and education about the use of glycemic monitoring devices and injection devices for therapy are very important at the same time, all information received from diabetes doctors regarding additional investigations, biological balance, cardiology , neurological, ophthalmic, thorough examination of the feet, entering the first examination of newly diagnosed diabetic patients., argue Gabriela Ileana Creteanu, Head of the County Anti-diabetic Center at St. Emergency Regional Hospital John the New in Suceava.

On the other hand, family and friends have an important role in building and maintaining an adequate lifestyle from time to time. From building healthy and healthy foods that do not exclude people with diabetes from the table to building physical activities that they can do together, there are many ways you can be with people you love.

For all who are interested, diabetes specialist County Diabetes Center at St. Emergency Hospital John the New Suceava, next to Federation of Diabetes Associations in Romania held MONDAY, November 12, 2018, in the hospital lobby free blood glucose testing campaign, along with risk assessments and specific advice about healthy nutrition or correct management of diabetes.


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