Florin Salam, GEST FIRST made in this country after …


Florin Salam sang the last few days in a place in the Berceni area, where several interlopes were present, including Mircea Nebunu and her brother Mihnea. The return is a real touch for the artist. At one point, when singing a love song, Florin Salam was overcome with feelings and cried, wrote Cancan.

Florin Salam received A WARNING for his fist in Italy. Improve "AMEND"

In late October, at a baptism in Milan, Florin Salam was violently slapped by Lower Stan. For tens of minutes, interlop had fun in manelist songs and gave dedication after dedication, but at some point he was angry and punched Florin Salam.

The next day, Lower Stan posted a video where he apologized for his attitude and said he was drunk and anesthetized and did not know what he was doing!


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