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CUTREMURATORY Revelation in the courtroom: I hear from the screams of people who can't get out. Audience in file & # 39; Collective & # 39; continues – News source

The Bucharest Tribunal continued on Thursday hearing opinions in the "Collective" file, in which club patrons and former mayor Cristian Popescu-Piedone were on trial.

In the past, two women who were able to escape unscathed from collective club fires were heard by the judges.

A young woman named Andrea Bokor told the judge that she had come out of the "Goodbye for Gravity" concert room just minutes before the fire broke out because it was bad.

"That night, I went with some friends at the Collective Club to attend the concert, there were many people, hundreds of people. I was sick and I asked my girlfriend to get me out." From the moment I got sick to the exit, I was about half a minute away , I did not start the fireworks show. and after one minute I realized that the world was out. In the first few seconds, I thought it was just a concert break. But after a while I saw my panic and smoke three meters from the entrance. I began to see the flames. We went to let people out. . At one point, we went on a trip to find our friends. "There were lots of people in black smoke. They couldn't get out and they were locked. There were many who helped from outside, caught them, and dragged them out of the pile. There were some who came after their friends. I heard from the shout of people. people who can't get out, "said Andrea Bokor, according to

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He said he did not see that there was a fire extinguisher at the Collective Club and there was no emergency door.

Also at this time from the "Collective" process, another survivor, Ana Maria Adam, was heard, who managed to leave the club immediately after the fire broke out, was not injured.

"There were enough people at the club club night, but it wasn't crowded, I think there were 100 people, and in the first round of fireworks next to the metal scaffolding I was afraid, I said," Fireworks? I feel like something is wrong, I said to my friend: & # 39; Go to the toilet and then go to cigarettes. & # 39; When I came out of the toilet, which was near the bar, I saw that the ceiling was burning and the fire was blazing into the bar, the flames were coming. I saw that the fire was moving strangely fast, I took a breath and took it to the exit, taking advantage of the fact that it was a free trip to the bar. Some people don't scare themselves, they are calm, they might expect someone to come with the fire department, it is already crowded at the exit and I am helped out of my girlfriend. I lost my backpack and I did not bend over it. ) After we left the club, we took him to the left to sit, and I gave him a door chained to the chain. A bigger boy broke the chain, but the door was blocked by a wall. I called 112 and I saw that the window at the entrance was broken, but nothing was seen. It's all black. Meanwhile, people from SMURD came out and took people to the ambulance, "Ana Maria Adam said.

In the "Collective" file they were sued: the club patrons – Alin George Anastasescu, Paul Gancea, and Costin Mincu; Daniela Niţă – protector of SC Golden Ideas Fireworks Artists SRL, Cristian Niţă (director) and Viorel Zaharia (pyrotechnist), and SC Colectiv Club SRL and SC Golden Ideas Fireworks Artists SRL.

Cristian Popescu-Piedone, former Mayor of Sector 4, three Mayoralty employees, Aurelia Iofciu – Head of Commercial Authorization Service, Larisa Luminiţa Ganea – senior counselor, Ramona Sandra Moţoc – senior officer, both under the same service, but also firefighter Antonina Radu and George Petrica Matei.

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