Saturday , July 24 2021

CSM Bucharest will take second place in the main group of the Champions League

  • Handball, Champions League: Dinamo – Riihimaen (Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1)

  • La Liga, Stage 13, Saturday, Digi Sport 1: Eibar – Real Madrid (14:00) and Atletico Madrid – Barcelona (9:45)

CSM Bucharest already know all the opponents in their main group Champions League. Even if he suffered two defeats in the first phase, the Romanian champions are close Gyor.

The owner of the trophy starts with eight points, with two more than CSM Bucharest. "Tigroaches" has a great chance to finish the main group in second place, while other opponents Krim Ljubljana and ThuringerI am not afraid. Norway from Kristiansand Snake they also hoped for the Final Four. The top four in the quarterfinals of the competition.


1. Gyor 8 points
2. CSM Bucharest 6 points
3. Vipers Kristiansand 4 points
4. Cream Ljubljana 3 points
5. Ferencvaros 2 points
6. Thuringer 1 point

"We must respect our opponents and teach them to respect us too"said the CSM coach of Bucharest, Dragan Djukic.

"It's not easy for us or him, he comes in the middle of the season, tries to apply a few things on the team, we do what we ask for, it's easy, we start to know each other"Cristina Neagu said.

CSM Bucharest won the Champions League in 2016, after the sensation ended Gyor.

The final match of the European first phase winners with Bietigheim will be aired on Digi Sport 1 at and today at 5:15 p.m.

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