Craiova's reaction after Laurenţiu Rus received a record freeze due to a violation at Mihăilă


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Laurenţiu Rus has suspended 9 stages, a record in recent years for red cards received as a result of entry Valentin Mihăilănot 10 as stipulated in the regulations for such cases. He can appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Commission, on the other hand, U Craiova, the club where Mihaila is developing will not take any action on FRF. That event happened in the game Poly Iaşi-U Craiova, 0-3, at 10 minutes, broadcast live on Digi Sport 1.

"We are very happy that Mihaila is good. This is the greatest peace we have. A little more important is that Russia accepts a two-year or lifetime suspension if the child is not healthy. We haven't called and we won't call. I say, such an attitude, if it happens in civilians, is a criminal case. With this decision, FRF warned those who are now beginning to produce such actions"said President Craiova, Marcel Popescu.

Mihăilă has little chance to play with Sepsi on Friday at 9:00 p.m., live on Digi Sport 1 and for RCS-RDS hunters. Training begins, and the final decision will be taken by the team of doctors on the day of the match, Claudiu Stamatescu.

What happened at Poly Iasi – Universitatea Craiova

After just 10 minutes of the Copou match, the right back defeated young Mihăila with his forearm. The 18-year-old Craiova midfielder fell to the ground and the ambulance stepped into the field. For half an hour, the doctor gave Mihăila medical treatment, and then took her to the hospital for a detailed investigation.

For attacks on opponents, Laurenţiu Rus received a red card directly from referee Andrei Chivulete.

Video of Poli Iaşi-U Craiova, 0-3, where Rus rushes hard Valentin Mihăilă

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