BUSU, SALVAT by RECUZITER from the Oltenia Philharmonic. Horrible moments behind SCENE


Alex Ciuca told how he got a call from the actor's hand and was guided by 112 operators by telephone.

"I saw him coming on Mr. Busuioc. He was red on his cheeks, alive, and when he left the show at around 8:40 a.m. he was white. I thought fatigue had cut him down, the program was too busy," said Alex Ciuca.

Alex, a recruiter at the Oltenia Philharmonic, realized that something was wrong when the actors started shouting for help. Busu's colleagues called 112, and one of them was guided by a telephone to apply the resuscitation maneuver.

"I picked up the phone and tried to help him as much as I could, Mr. Busuioc. I spoke with SMURD, honoring all the indications I received, I turned it back because he fell face down and with his hands underneath and started a heart massage. exactly how to do it, I really don't know, they told me how difficult it was to massage. It took about 5 minutes for SMURD to arrive, "Alex said, writing down freedom.

The SMURD doctors who arrived at the site continued the resuscitation maneuver and transported Florin Busuioc to Craiova County Hospital, where he operated and installed a stencil. On Wednesday, a few hours after the operation, Busu was taken to Bucharest by a SMURD helicopter and interned at the C.C Iliescu Institute at Fundeni.

Florin Busuioc was infected on Tuesday night at the end of the drama he played at the Oltenia Philharmonic in Craiova.

Busuioc is operated at night on Tuesday at the Regional Emergency Hospital in Craiova after experiencing a heart attack on Olhena Olharma during a Central Park show.

According to SJU Craiova spokeswoman Cristina Georm─âneanu, the actor was fitted with a stent, and she was out of danger.

Florin Busuioc was transferred to the "C.C. Iliescu" Institute in Bucharest.


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