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Apple is trying to fight related information …

For the first time since the launch of the new iPhone and rumors about their modest sale, an Apple official has explained that everything will go according to plan.

In an interview with Cnet, Greg Joswiak, head of marketing for the iPhone, said that "the iPhone XR is the most popular Apple smartphone on the first day since it was available," inquired about selling this model.

Joswiak was the first Apple official to handle the sale of the new iPhone since its release. Intervention seems to be Apple's way of trying to negate information that new models will not sell.

Some sources argue that the iPhone XR, the so-called budget model that costs from 5,500 lei in Romania, will sell below the expectations of US companies.

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It should be noted that Joswiak made a clear statement stating that sales were at a certain level and did not provide concrete figures after Apple decided not to release more sales volume information.

Apple executives say only the iPhone XR is the best-selling model – which is completely normal, considering it's also the most accessible of the three new models.

Joswiak avoidance can even speculate as an indirect confirmation that information so far is real and that, indeed, the new iPhone does not sell at Apple's expectations.

US companies continue the strategy at a very high price, after last year's success. However, the iPhone X was a new technology at that time, while this year's XS and XS Max only brought minor updates.

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