A year since Stelei Popescu's death. There are three warning services!


Last year, on November 23, Stela Popescu died at the age of 81. His adopted son, Doinita Maximilian, found him in the hall of the house where he lived.

According to Christian customs, the actress is regretted to be mentioned by everyone who is close to her. On November 22, the day before his departure from the world, a former colleague from the Theater Rev., Constantin Tanase, whose manager was Alexandru Arşinel, the stage partner of Star Popescu, would meet at the Cernica cemetery, at his grave.

"We will hire a coach next Thursday. The day before that year is over, we will go to the cemetery to all our former co-workers in the theater, with cages and postal packages," Alexandru Arsinel said for Freedom.

Also during this period, the Stelei Popescu family will make another splendor at the Antim Ivireanul Church, a place where funeral ceremonies are held.

"I have always been in touch with his family. His daughter is now marked. They will do their best. From what I understand, he intends on November 19," the actor added.

Arşinel also revealed that even director Dan Puican, Stelei Popescu's first husband, would make it a parastas.

A joint warning at the theater, for Stela Popescu and Cristina Stamate

Stela Popescu will be commemorated by her colleagues and next month, when a painting exhibition will be held in the Rev. hall. Theater Constantin Tanase.

"This will be an exhibition of image shows with Stela and Cristina Stamate, who died a few days later (November 27 – n.). Already working at the exhibition. This event will take place around December 18-20," Arsinel added.

This actor testified to us that he had never dreamed about his ex-partner, but he remembered all the time together:

"They have been bound for 40 years, they cannot be forgotten."


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