Wednesday , November 13 2019
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& # 39; What is ALEA from IMAGES? & # 39;

Delia Matache has used her fans with a shocking appearance. This time, the singer posted an incandescent photo where his shoes attracted all eyes.
Soon, the artist was questioned by fans on his Instagram page after he wore black boots on his ankles, with very high soles and heels.

Delia took black socks, shorts, all black, and a red blouse.

(Photo: Instagram)
The comments are generally praiseworthy, but there are a number of places where fans say … wonders about Delia's "shoes", said Cancan.

"What's the leg?" Someone asked.

Other people appreciate artist clothes.
"You are the most honorable woman," "You love beauty, and the person who wears it," "You are the most honorable woman", "You are very kind, so you are fine with any clothes, you are the inspiration of everyone ! " , there are some comments from Delia fans expressing their admiration.

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