Saturday , May 8 2021

34-inch high screen for your project: Philips BDM347OUP

MMD, a licensed partner of Philips monitors, announced the relaunch of the Philips BDM3470UP monitor. The 34-inch QHD UltraWide is equipped with a variety of high-performance features and innovative technologies to increase office productivity and maximize the quality of home time. CrystalClear technology and IPS help capture attractive images and well-defined colors, while the UltraWide MultiView screen gives users space to work or play. USB 3.0 and HDMI ports provide fast and efficient connectivity, while SmartErgoBase provides optimal comfort for all users. Suitable for any situation and rich features, this monitor is an excellent choice for professional users and home users.

Stunning panoramic images

It's nice to watch the new Philips BDM3470UP. The UltraWide format, with a 21: 9 aspect ratio combined with CrystalClear Quad HD 3440 x 1440 resolution, gives users the ability to enjoy sophisticated panoramic images with well-defined details. The visual performance of the monitor is enhanced by the power of IPS technology, providing accurate images and spectacular colors, changing the appearance of photos, movies and exploring the internet into a relaxing experience. Also, the IPS panel has a 178/178 degree wide angle, allowing users to see screens from almost any angle – an ideal feature for times when watching movies with family or when doing group work, using a single screen. Philips BDM3470UP is equipped with SmartUniformity, a feature specifically designed to eliminate brightness fluctuations and ensure photographers, artists, designers and other fine arts professionals can fully trust the accuracy of images.

Comprehensive workspace

Philips BDM3470UP has a 34-inch diagonal, a comprehensive format that gives users room for their projects. Whether it's working individually or in groups, the monitor is large enough for users to open documents of various sizes, table comparisons, detailed CAD-CAM operations, or all at the same time. The MultiView feature adds monitor adaptability, allowing users to connect multiple devices to view the content they play simultaneously. Those who are accustomed to doing more tasks will certainly be pleased with this feature that promises to increase productivity and enable users to combine work and entertainment on one screen. To get more desktop space, the monitor has a very narrow frame that allows it to be used in a set of multiple monitors and also offers an interesting playing experience.

Maximum comfort and satisfaction

Monitor users can enjoy full comfort and improve connectivity with various monitor features. To reduce the physical effort of a long work day in front of a PC, the monitor is equipped with SmartErgoBase support that allows users to tilt and rotate the monitor and adjust its height to the office level to get the correct angle and position. The monitor base has a design that helps organize cables efficiently, helps regulate workspaces, which is one of the most profitable solutions of this model. Also, the BDM3470UP is equipped with a USB 3.0 Super-Speed ​​port that offers transfer speeds of almost 10 times faster than classic USB 2.0 ports. The monitor has an HDMI port with all the hardware needed to play high-quality video and audio content sent via a single cable from a PC or all AV sources. Last but not least, Philips BDM3470UP is equipped with two high quality stereo speakers to offer an attractive audio-visual experience.

Philips BDM3470UP is available in stores with recommended prices of 3,029 lei.

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