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Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite has begun to receive updates for Android Pie

A few days ago we announced that Xiaomi was following a quick update policy and that it had begun to make the Android Pie no Mi A2 available, with all its new features.

Now, and continuing with this process, information has begun to appear that the Mi A2 Lite has also received an Android Pie, even though it is gradual and controlled.

Update on Android Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Pie

Continuing the success of the Mi A1, Xiaomi decided to make 2 new devices with Android One. This device again shows the Chinese brand philosophy and is now being updated to Android Pie, the latest version of the mobile OS from Google.

Although there is no official brand information, it is known that the lower character model is also being updated for this new version. This follows what the brand has done for Mi A2.

From what you can say, besides the Android Pie itself, this Xiaomi Mi A2 update is around 1000MB and also includes the November Google security update.

For the new OS version of Google, Pie has new gesture controls, adaptive battery management and screen brightness, "digital health", enhanced notifications, night mode among many other news.

Existing information reveals that the availability of Android Pie on Xiaomi Mi A2 is done in stages and controlled, to prevent problems that may arise temporarily, as has happened in the past.

With this update, the second in a few weeks time, Xiaomi demonstrated its commitment to Android One and the arrival of new versions to the device and its users.

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