Xiaomi Mi A2 has started to receive new Android 9.0 Foot updates


After the success of the Xiaomi Mi A1, the brand decided to bet on this formula and introduced two new models, the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite.

The device also continues to bet on using Android One, a new version of Android that is prepared for equipment with fewer resources. This version is now being updated and the Xiaomi Mi A2 has received it.

Update Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 9.0 Feet

In August, Google released the final version of Android 9.0 Pie and made it available to all manufacturers. A summary version of this operating system has also been updated and available.

Android 9.0 finally arrived at Mi A2

As happened with the Mi A1, the Chinese brand decided to bet on this new version and release it as soon as they are mature enough. Already know that Xiaomi Mi A2 will accept this new version, just don't know when it will be released.

Now, after Xiaomi evaluates this new version of Android, take a look at the Xiaomi Mi A2 starting to accept Android 9.0 Pie officially, maybe in a gradual and controlled manner, to prevent problems that might arise temporarily.

News about Android 9.0 on the Xiaomi Mi A2

From what was explained in the update presented, this new version of Android One carries adaptive batteries, movement navigation that hasn't gone away to please everyone and some other features that can become vitas on Google Pixel. Overall they are slightly more than 1GB in total updates.

As for the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, the brand wants to follow the same path and so Pie Android 9.0 is still being evaluated and tested, and is expected to be coming soon to users.

After registration it's very fast to launch a new version of Android, as was done with the Mi A1, now it's the turn of the Mi Mi line to also receive the first major update.

Meet Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


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