Web Summit. Electric scooters have come to stay


CWith conventional public transportation failing to meet the number of people who use it every day, technology companies like Lime come to the scene to offer alternatives. More specifically, electric scooters. The subject was debated at the conference itself on the last day of the Web Summit.

For Caen Contee, the fact that a scooter is electric is part of 'charm' & # 39; this transportation tool. "This is a new thing but, more than that, it is an aimless means of transportation because it's up to you to decide," said the Lime founder during the Web Summit conference. In addition, Contee pointed out that, unlike bicycles, electric scooters do not distinguish between gender and can be worn by those wearing pants and dresses.

Lime's growth is so sharp that, Contee said, several cities have told companies to bring their mobility solutions. More than that, Contee said that Lime was open to regulation, so it tried to avoid conflict that other platforms (such as Uber) had found little in the whole world.

For Contee, Lime's main goal is to "take the car off the road" and see the car as we know it as "a real competitor to beat," so that it responds to the possibility of many companies emerging with similar solutions in the future.

In terms of numbers, Lime achieved a recovery of US $ 1.1 billion and, given that the company continues to be sought by countries around the world, it is likely to continue to increase in the coming years.

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