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Video of amateur plots killing coffee owners – Portugal

Amateur videos allow PJ de Setúbal to capture the gang leader who in June killed the cafe owner at Cova da Piedade, Almada, in the process of robbery. The group is suspected of nine similar robberies between April and June. They always attack on Tuesdays and Fridays, days when volume bets on Euromillions fire. They have been detained.

According to CM two group heads, aged 19 and 23, were hunted at Monte da Caparica, where they stayed on Tuesday night in an operation supported by the GNR Intervention Unit, which extended to Seixal and Setubal.

They were identified after the PJ Scientific Police Laboratory was able to reveal the face of one of the suspects from footage taken with a witness' cellphone.

The crime occurred on June 8 at Anita cafe on Jalan Maria Lamas. Hermenegildo Varela tried to defend the woman from the attackers, but was shot in the stomach and could not help herself. This group has a well-defined role: from who drives a car, always steals, who carries weapons and even talks to the victims.

They never brought cellphones and cars left or burned after robbery. They were suspected of committing several similar crimes, always at stationary, gas stations and cafes that accepted bets on social games.

The investigation continued to identify the remaining members of the group participating in the murder.

Organized group
The two detainees were charged by criminal associations, eligible murders, aggravated robberies, theft and damage. The oldest has an arrest warrant while waiting for a robbery in Lisbon. They have a history of drug trafficking, theft and robbery.

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