Saturday , May 8 2021

Van Dijk became a Dutch hero and tickets that fell on this field entered history

The Dutch team drew two goals with Germany and secured a place in the last four of the League of Nations.

Van Dijk, the center of the Dutch team, scored in the game deficit with Germany in a 2-2 draw which ensured their place in the last four countries. Liverpool players are strikers in all or no teams and managed to become heroes.

"I got this record from Dwight Lodeweges and Kees van Wonderen. When we lost 2-0, they asked if we should change things and said yes," Koeman said about the role that is now famous because Van Dijk's position was indicated for the final minute. . Note that it will fall on the field.

Besides the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and England will be in the final four competitions, which will take place at Guimarães and Porto.

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