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The wall of fire brought panic to the villages in the center of the country – Portugal

Four fire outbreaks exploded in a straight line practically in 20 minutes leaving firefighters and villagers free hands Saturday afternoon at Serta, Vila de Rei and Oleiros, in the Castelo Branco district, entering a fire in Mação (Santarém), where Cardigos is one villages and river beaches were evacuated by fire "impossible to stop" and "multiplied in several fields".

Eight firefighters were injured, and a popular person was also seriously injured while trying to fight the fire. At the end of the night, more than 900 operators are fighting fire – which mobilizes 13 air tools – and the others are on their way.

When night falls, there is panic in Várzeas and Vale da Urra (Vila de Rei). The fire was on and it had reached the attachment and it was popular they caught "fire already in the garden". A citizen caught fire. The bird cage owner was contacted by GNR. He will be a refugee from a local association.

The fire that mobilized more tools began at 2:50 a.m. at Fundada, Vila de Rei. There are more than 500 firefighters, supported by more than 150 vehicles and four air vehicles. At the same time, at Rolã, Sertã, another fire mobilized more than 270 people and nine air ways. This is where the firefighters were injured. Houses were threatened by fire, and panic gripped the population. The popular ones, with hoses and machines, help as best they can. Even pond water is served to help control anger.

"It's a very complicated hour, fire comes from all sides and surrounds the village. It seems to me it is fire," he said. CM a villager in Castanheiro Grande, Sertã. It was very hot that day with gusts of wind blowing almost 50 kilometers per hour.

At 3:01 p.m. and 3:11 p.m. new warnings appeared for the villages of Catadinha (Sertã) and Azinheira (Oleiros), which forced to distribute facilities available in several different places and to request reinforcements to other districts.

Fire to interact with each other
"We are talking about several fires in the same geographical area that interact with each other," explained Alexandre Penha of Civil Protection, not guaranteeing when fire will be dominated.

"Good location"
"It will be a busy night," he complained. CM Vasco Estrela, president of the Mação Room, reports a firefighter from the injured city. The armed forces deployed four track engines to Vila de Rei to open access roads to the fire.

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