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The government opened a war on a country's special career

Special state careers have benefited from a time management system that seems overly generous and limits improvements in other fields, making it difficult to create a bonus and promotion system in civil services, said the new program. Government, delivered this Saturday at the Assembly of the Republic. Therefore, specific career advancement rules really need to be revised.

In the document, the government said that "the debate surrounding the career of public administration is inevitable."

"Progress in public administration costs 200 million euros every year. Of this, almost 2/3 [66%] spent on special careers where time is taken into account in the development process ", but this value is only absorbed by" 1/3 [cerca de 33%] state workers ".

Special allowances limit meritocracy

For Executives, this problem cannot be continued. "This imbalance must be reviewed. Increasing these expenditures cannot continue to limit wage policies in the next decade and prevent incentive policies in public administration that value excellence and achieve predetermined goals. "

Mário Centeno, Minister of Finance, who is no longer directly responsible for Public Administration (the latter has been transferred to the new Minister, Alexandra Leitão), will continue to oversee even if the financial adequacy of employee expenses, namely in a special career

Recalled that Centeno, in a recent interview he gave to Lusa, said that special career advancement must be approaching "The idea of ​​achievement". He also recalled that in the past there were "paradigm shifts" in public administration that "only left special careers" like military and security or court teachers and clerks.

Apart from these, there are other so-called special careers diplomats, nurses, judges, among others.

Read the full Government program here.

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