Tesla changes the price of Full Self-Driving, but the deductions aren’t for everyone


Tesla has long been trying to create an autonomous drive system for its electric cars. It is already available, though gradually and will be tested more comprehensively.

Of course, this is not a system offered by the company and must therefore be purchased. Tesla has now decided to help out with this purchase, by making Full Self-Driving price tag, but this offer isn’t for everyone.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Price Enhanced Autopilot Cars

Full Self-Driving is the future of Tesla

While not a fully autonomous system, Tesla's Full Self-Driving manages to provide long range for its electric car. This system, for the most part, does not require driver intervention, thus ensuring good control.

To access this feature, users need to purchase these extras, which are expensive. You have to pay the price for this novelty and unique driving aid. Full Self-Driving is available separately or integrated into the Enhanced Autopilot package.

Discount for Enhanced Autopilot

It is precisely the latter that has now seen its price adjust quietly and quietly. Tesla has thus deducted a thousand dollars on this package, changing the price of Full Self-Driving. Now it costs 5 thousand dollars.

This is good news for anyone considering purchasing Full Self-Driving, especially the Enhanced Autopilot package. It brings more additional features and, above all, promises access to new features to be developed in the future.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Price Enhanced Autopilot Cars

The value of the car varies from time to time

At the moment the Enhanced Autopilot costs $ 10,000 (€ 7500), but prices can vary. Tesla himself said that these and other additions could be added later, but the price may vary from time to time.

Once again, the modularity of the Tesla system is evident. Each component can be updated independently and added or removed over time. This of course has an impact on the price each one gets for the final consumer.


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