PS PSD helps to hit the IRS echelon update


That is a proposal that includes CDS, PCP and BE, but eventually becomes & # 39; core & # 39; to end it. The rating of the IRS will not, as proposed by Christian and Communist Democrats, be updated according to the inflation rate, because, with PS leading and PSD abstaining, size is not feasible.

Proposals were made during the State Budget discussion for 2019. CDS and PCP consider it unfair to maintain the current limit of each IRS ranking according to worker income, because if they do not increase in line with inflation, this is nothing more than a "crowded IRS," argued CDS .

But PS – like PSD, which did not vote against it helped make the proposal inappropriate – did not agree with the arguments put forward. The Minister of Finance, Mário Centeno, has recalled that last year substantial reforms were carried out on the IRS system (opening positions, which lasted from five to seven with proposals from the left parties), insensitive to proposals. that they must change it again and insist that the effects of the reform must be examined first.

As Expresso reports, PSD even said it was available to "help improve the IRS to deteriorate" by correcting the ranking limits according to the inflation rate. But it imposes conditions: to vote in favor of a proposal, steps must be predicted that will compensate for the loss of income, in the amount of 63 million euros. During the vote, the party even chose to oppose it, but it was a mistake: however, he chose not to vote.


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