Parliament approves the release of capital gains for people over 65 – Economy


Parliament approved on Tuesday, November 27, the PS proposal that excludes IRS real estate assets above 65 and applies the proceeds of sales in savings.

The Left Block rejected the proposal, but finally a favorable vote emerged from PS, PCP and CDS. PSD has abstained.

At present, there is an exception from the IRS from taxing real estate profits from own housing only when they are reinvested in their own homes.

Now, more value than those over the age of 65 will also be exempt from applying the proceeds of the sale of the house to savings other than housing.

On the other hand, and as Business has reported, proposals from BE and PSD to punish real estate speculation through taxation of IRS real estate profits were hit.

Parliament also approved PS's proposal to withdraw tax benefits from the IRS from those who received State assistance for the purchase or rehabilitation of real estate if they sold it within the next 10 years.


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