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Gilberto Gil said that the album was OK OK OK it came from% 2018 with inspiration
Gilberto Gil said the album was OK OK OK it came from% 20118 with% u2019 inspiration after facing health problems

(photo: Ramon Lisboa / EM / D.A Press)

Quiet and excited, Gilberto Gil opened the national tour OK OK OK, Saturday night, to the bustling Palace of Art. Special program new songs from the album released in August – from 20 setlists, 11 are indite. They are all carefully listened to by the audience in an intimate, smooth and strong spectacle. As usual, Gil "formed" his audience. He ventured (and succeeded) by dropping hits, even though he included several of them in the repertoire. He won a lot – and deserved – applause.

During the performance, one or two single "Free Lula" shouts were heard. At the end of the event, the lights went on, two slogans echoed more strongly. Gilberto Gil, former Minister of Culture, did not give a speech and did not even give a "pause" to start. No need. The dogs speak for themselves. The first – OK OK OK – is a "manifesto" of someone who is always accused of giving opinions, as stated by the letter. "Words say yes / facts say no," Gil sang. Towards the end, sixty-year-old Marginlia appeared. The classic Tropiclia, with poetry by Torquato Neto, seems to have been released yesterday. "I'm a Brazilian / My guilt sin," Gil said. "My land has palm trees / Where strong winds blow / From hunger, from fear and lots / Especially from death". C for us, do you need a slogan?

With a clear but firm voice, Gil, at the age of 76, celebrates death, love and life. He said OK OK, good dogging came in a relatively difficult period of hospital admission and inadequate kidney and heart problems he faced. From "dating with inspiration" comes high-spirited samba for Dr. Roberta Saretta, inspired by the test in which four pieces of his heart were taken from him. "Disco family" has songs for grandchildren, grandchildren and friends – Sereno, Sol de Maria, Lia and Deia, Drowning. Old Baiano beats (as usual) violins on Yamandu, awards to great gacho instrumentalists. But … Missing the beautiful Jacintho ("I feel here in the stomach / My chest / Some signs of defects"), was composed by him for a century-old friend. Even sin remains outside the show.


At this moment of national intrigue, Gil – alone with violo – blooms, especially when Prayer inspires "mantra" if I want to speak to God. He has fun telling stories about A cute little thing, partnering with Joo Donato who needs 21 years to get ready. "We are finished in one more day," he revealed, with laughter, to send a public place – namely "all the seas / the beginning of the journey".

The disease may have picked four hearts, but Seu Gilberto continued to rule – very well on the guitar. This doesn't show or Gil rocker and "reggaeiro". Ouo, life, pedrada ("the voice of brotherly love / To free us from latent hell"). When "singing together" has a recitation of the most promising Pro la nascer feliz, the national anthem of the Cazuza. Newcomer Na is another rock. And extra old and good, which closes the night, handing out comments.

The master shines, as well as the band formed by his son, Bem Gil (guitar and violin), mentor from the album and performances. He was the first to play Bruno D Lullo (bass), Jos Gil (drums and percussion), Domenico Lancellotti (drums and percussion), Thiag Queiroz (drums), Diogo Gomes (drums) and Danilo Andrade (keyboards). Nara Gil, primognita from cl, singing, funding and having …


The subtle moment of his debut was Antônia Joaninha Gonalves Ferreira, 69 years old. I am from four children, the grandmother of six grandchildren and three great-grandmothers of three children, he jumped on stage to embrace Gil. He made a respectful gesture for him and the band, saying he came from Rondnia to see him. He won the affection and gratitude from the deceased, who still sent the hug to Ariquemes staff, the city where he lived. People like it, applaud. He seemed to feel represented by the brave hip-hop freak.

Dona Antnia told MS that her retired teacher was still alive some time ago, she enjoyed a trip to Minas and even cried at Inhotim. He could not explain how he managed to jump onto the stage, avoiding security. "I have to respect this man, he deserves it," he said. "Gil is an extraordinary poet, always fighting for freedom, exiled in military dictatorship," he added.

Voters "Professor Haddad" ("I will betray colleagues?"), Confirms that Bahian is a very good minister and does not approve the end of the Culture folder. To no doubt, he asked the author to register: "My King Carlos, but Gil, the legend of the passage of poetry".

"My king Carlos, but Gil, the legend of poetry"

. Antnia Ferreira, teacher

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