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Microsoft shows how HoloLens can be used as an instant translator

As a mixed reality device, it is often difficult for Hololens' presentation to "haunt" those who watch it, because technology is far more attractive to those who use it than those who just watch. Even so, during the Inspire event, Microsoft was finally able to demonstrate a device that made everyone open.

At the stage of the event, Julia White, the company's vice president of Microsoft, used Hololens to "juggle" his thumbnail, which immediately took the actual size of the executive and, using White's own voice, Japan, even if it was not one of the languages ​​known to executives.

The "translator" hologram was created with a combination of HoloLens augmented reality technology and Azure artificial intelligence. In addition, it combines 3D-depth scanning and translation tools that IA helped to not only make perfect virtual copies of the executive but also capture examples of sound patterns and speech. The result: a model that is not only visible, but also sounds like White who speaks other languages.

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Although for now, this process is not something that can be done by anyone and requires access to professional equipment so that everything goes well, experts believe that the technology that enables this with HoloLens is present in the next generation of smartphones that will emerge over the next decade, allowing we not only have instant translation software (like what was done today by the Google Assistant, for example), but an instant translation that sounds like we speak another language. Another possibility is that this technology allows us to appear in videos by speaking in languages ​​that we don't know.

Source: VentureBeat

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