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The 2019 Plan and Budget Options Major adopted by the majority at the last meeting Faro City Council, which took place on November 6, at Paços do Município. The document has a value of 39.7 million euros, which represents an increase of more than 2 million compared to 2018.

The priority of the 2019 budget is to guarantee fundamental projects originating from these Executive initiatives, such as the requalification program for public spaces and arteries (Faro Requalifica), improvement of Park Parks, renovation of outdated public parking lots, Associativism and City Council, territorial planning and the application process of Faro, the Capital of European Culture.

In terms of infrastructure and equipment, the construction of campsites in Faro Beach (449,000 euros plus VAT) is expected to begin in September 2019, renovation of city housing (around 350 thousand (R $ 150 thousand plus VAT) and construction of 3 rooms for preschool programs on EB1 / JI do Bom João (€ 316 thousand plus VAT), requalification under the Action Plan for Urban Regeneration (PARU)). In the execution Polidesportivo da Conceição (stage 2: 130 thousand euros plus VAT) has been executed.

With regard to the renovation of public spaces and road networks, the Budget provides, among other things, the following qualifications:

– Estrada Praia de Faro and airport roundabout (phase 1: 200 thousand euros plus VAT);

– Estrada Mar e Guerra / Patacão (158 thousand euros plus VAT);

– Jalan Gereja, Montenegro (100 thousand euros plus VAT);

– Section Av. Da República / Jardim Manuel Bívar (100 thousand euros plus VAT).

It is hoped that, with a work contract to be launched during 2019, there are still other achievements such as the Official Collection Center (municipal kennel / gatil), Alameda João de Deus and Mata do Liceu requalification, construction of the Bordeira Cultural Center and various requalification of arteries and urban areas and from what are called rural parishes – with an emphasis on renovating Largo do Pé da Cruz and Ferreira de Almeida Square.

Renovation of playgrounds and sports facilities is also included in this budget, which also includes strong environmental components and restoration of green space. All of this without jeopardizing the financial balance achieved in 2017, after 7 years of validity from the financial assistance plan.


As reported in time, in the absence of a proposal for a public tender for the construction of the Bridge to Faro Beach, it was launched in November 2017 and, after negotiations that failed with guardianship and with the Soc. The Litoral da Ria Formosa SA policy, Kota Faro announced that it would make additional efforts, in an estimated amount of 1.12 million euros to make this Polis work feasible. The new base value of the bridge construction will be 3.52 million euros. The announcement will be announced on time.

In fact, this was an additional effort by local authorities that occurred after the municipality in 2009 paid off investments by placing around 900,000 euros in the company's share capital and, in August 2016, to inject another 561 thousand euros, due to lack of funds in the Policy to ensure tender and the severity of guardianship.

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