Men die with suspected dengue hemorrhagic fever; this is the second case in 2019 | Tocantins


A man died at the Paraiso do Tocantins Regional Hospital, in the state's central region, this weekend with suspected dengue fever – called dengue fever after a change in nomenclature made by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is the second death from a disease reported in Tocantins in 2019.

The man is a driver and lives in ParaĆ­so do Tocantins. The State Health Department confirmed suspicion on Monday (21) and reported that this case was being investigated but did not provide further details about the patient.

According to the State, there is still no data compiled on dengue fever applicants in 2019.

However, a survey by the Department of Health of Palmas showed that dengue cases increased by 715% only in the first two weeks of this year. There were 742 notifications on the 14th of that month against 91 in the same period last year.

The first death from dengue haemorrhagic fever confirmed in 2019 was from the boy Filipe Duarte Cerqueira, 5 years old, on January 3. He was hospitalized in a private hospital in Palmas and finally did not refuse.

The boy lives in Miracema do Tocantins, in the central region. He suffered from West Syndrome, a rare type of epilepsy. Filipe will be 6 years old on January 12. He was buried in a cemetery in Dianopolis.


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