Thursday , May 6 2021

Manifestation claims 1% of public expenditure on Culture

After Culture out on the road! 1% for all and for all "is the slogan of the Trade Union, Audiovisual and Musicians (CENA-STE), for the meeting scheduled for 17:00 at Rossio in Lisbon.

"In the fourth year of the legislature from the government that uses Culture as an election flag, the proposed State Budget [para 2019] remained at the same level of the last decade: 0.25% of OE, around 250 million euros, "the union wrote, in a call to protest.

This value, according to the structure, "is very far from a 1% consensus that will allow discussion and political action, estimates of constitutional duties that have never been fulfilled by the State, and the construction of the Public Cultural Service."

For CENA-STE, "Choking Culture and Art is not a necessity, it is a political choice", which consists of "maintaining an emergency all structures, activities and professional sectors that ensure the fulfillment of one of the four fundamental vectors of the Constitution".

"With their respective budgets, the Government shows that it is not with Culture", which is why the end of each legislature is achieved without being able to "fulfill the requirements of the horizon and compromise, despite having parliamentary and political conditions to do," concluded the union structure.

CENA-STE recalls that in April, forced the government to react, in a reference to the concentration held in several Portuguese cities, and that, after this time, everything remained the same, concluding the union.

The value requirement for Culture is equivalent to 1% of the ministry's total expenditure, is the old claim from the sector's agents.

According to the State Budget proposal, the overall vote is finally scheduled for November 29, cultural bodies and entities covered by the Ministry of Culture, have a total of 244.8 million euros, for expenditure in 2019, plus 28, 1 million euros from estimates for 2018 ( 216.7 million euros), an increase of 12.9%.

In total, including the media sector, the Ministry of Culture must have EUR 501.3 million to spend in 2019, an increase of EUR 20.5 million (4.3% estimated expenditure for 2018.

In July this year, the Prime Minister, António Costa, in his speech in the Republic of the Republican Assembly, said that Culture will have the largest budget ever in 2019, strengthening support for the creation and restoration of inheritance.

The previous month, at a hearing at the Culture, Youth and Sports Parliament Committee, then Minister Luís Filipe Castro Mendes added that there was reinforcement, in the next budget, that "1% [do Orçamento do Estado] Culture is the goal "for which government action will take place, but it is also recognized that this value will hardly be achieved" in this legislature. "

The current budget program for Culture (2018) has a total consolidated value of € 216.7 million of cash available for expenditure, including all funding sources, from general income, salary or own income.

Actual expenditure for 2018, with different ministries, was 66.9 billion euros (excluding financial costs), leaving Culture between 0.2 and 0.3 percent if implementing total estimated expenditure (216.7 million).

Taking this expenditure figure as a reference for 2018, 1% of the budget will reach 600 million euros.

For this request one added more demanding, namely 1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Culture, which has been present in the agency of this sector and, in particular, in the Blok Kiri argument, which in July complained about the inclusion of this relationship, with the reason that the sector represents 3% to 5% of the wealth generated in the country.

The achievement of this dream of 1% of GDP for Culture will place transfers to the sector of around 1.9 billion euros, as a reference to the value generated by all goods and services in 2017 (around 193 billion at current prices).

Last Friday, the PCP presented in parliament a proposal for an additional State Budget for 2019, to see registered goals reach a minimum level of 1% of public expenditure for Culture.

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