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Madeira was the first region in the country to reformulate the air monitoring network

The Madeira Autonomous Region (RAM) is the first in the country to reformulate the air quality monitoring network, so that it meets the requirements of the current law, the Environment Secretary announced today.

"The network has 15 years in operation and many analyzers are worn out and torn, and they do not meet the current requirements," explained Susana Prada, who also announced "the acquisition of new generation (pollutant analyzer) equipment for new laws, more demanding. "

At present, the air monitoring network consists of three fixed stations and one mobile station. Those who remain in the São João and São Gonçalo areas, both in Funchal and city traffic catches and urban funds (large traffic zones), respectively, and the last one on Santana (north of the island), rural character

The current data from the secretariat shows that there is an annual average reduction of all pollutants associated with reducing emissions from the car sector, so that air quality is good or very good.

"This is verified, in all RAM, compliance with pollutant concentration limits is reflected in 95% Very Good / Good in the ambient air quality index," said Susana Prada.

According to the governor, the Regional Government has ensured the proper application of the National Air RAM Strategy, which exemplifies the same quality in the city of Funchal.

"The Funchal population consists of 4% of the European Union who live in urban areas where the World Health Organization's most demanding boundaries are met," he said.

The project redesign of the network costs 315,000 euros, funded by the Madeira program 14-20 (85%) and by the Environmental Fund (15%).

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