It gives Bolsonaro Moro full freedom to fight corruption and organized crime


Jair Bolsonaro gives you full freedom Sérgio Moro the fight against corruption and organized crime in Brazil. The elected president announced at a press conference why the judge who had been responsible for the Lava-Jato operation so far takes over the justice portfolio.

We talked about 40 minutes and he was [Moro] he explained what he wants to do if he is a minister and 100% agrees with what he has suggested. He wanted full freedom in the fight against corruption and organized crime, and a ministry capable of doing so, "he said. Jair Bolsonaro told the Brazilian press.

The conversation took place between Bolsonaro and Sergio Moro on Thursday morning. Finally, the judge accepted the invitation of the newly elected Brazilian president. The elected president also said that Moro would be "an important minister."

In fact, it was very clear between us that persons appearing in the police news will be investigated and will not intervene on my part ", she added.

Bolsonaro also stated that he held separate ministries of environment and agriculture, unlike what he had decided during the election campaign and after some criticisms of the rural sector.

Bolsonaro follows Trump's steps and wants an embassy in Jerusalem

As far as international politics is concerned, Jair Bolsonaro confirmed his intention to transfer the Brazilian embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

As we stated during the campaign, the Brazilian embassy will be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel's sovereign state, and we will respect ", Said Bolsonaro in your Twitter account.

Later in a press conference, Bolsonaro recalled that the election of capital meant the sovereignty of the country, and no one else had to intervene in this decision.

Who decides about the capital of the country. If Brazil was taken from Rio de Janeiro to Brazil, it was Brazil. I do not see any problems. In all respects, we respect Israel and the Arab people. Here the whole world lives without problems ", said the elected president, who will take office on January 1.

Bolsonaro also stated that he was peacefully committed to "solving problems" and did not want to "generate problems" that "complicate negotiations with the whole world."

The far-right politician, the nostalgia of the military dictatorship, which ruled Brazil between 1964 and 1985, refers to the proximity of the Plateau Presidential Palace and the Palestinian Embassy in Brazil.

This is not the case, for security reasons ", Said Jair Bolsonaro without explaining the fears.

If it were to confirm the transfer of the embassy, ​​the decision would abandon the diplomatic traditions of Brazil for years in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Brazil has been in diplomatic contact with Israel since 1949, and in 2010 recognizes the Palestinian state.

Bolsonaro would follow the steps taken by the US President, Donald Trump, which announced in December 2017 to Jerusalem from the US Embassy and admitted that it is the capital of Israel.

Paraguay and Guatemala also changed their embassy, ​​although Paraguay later returned and resumed his diplomatic representation in Tel-Aviv.


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