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Huawei HarmonyOS will soon compete with Android and iOS

The problems Huawei faces in the past few months have pushed companies to create HarmonyOS. This will be the upcoming Chinese branded operating system which will be an alternative for your equipment.

Although not many people know about this proposal, it is expected to get to the market already available. The importance is such that Huawei hopes that HarmonyOS will soon become a serious competitor for Android and iOS.

HarmonyOS Huawei iOS Google Android

HarmonyOS will compete with iOS and Android

With the possibility of being banned from using Android, Huawei has taken a unique step. It has created its own operating system and its own application ecosystem, where developers can submit their proposals.

AOSP-based (Android Open Source Project) has the advantage of using a proven base. For now only ready to be used on television that is presented by Huawei. Soon you will be able to find other fields of expertise.

The most expected place is the most important in the smartphone field. This is where you will find the most competition and opposition. Brand trust is such that the current CEO, Ren Zhengfe, has revealed that in 3 years he will compete on an equal basis with iOS or Android.

HarmonyOS Huawei iOS Google Android

Huawei's losses are huge because Google is bankrupt

This is an important but cautious position on the Huawei side. This brand has a system in its infancy, but many programmers are focused on it. They want to make it more stable and perform better.

Another point mentioned by Ren Zhengfe is the expected loss from Google's absence on his smartphone. The brand estimates that this figure is close to $ 10 billion. A reduction in sales has occurred and most brands expect to regain their position.

It's too early to know what HarmonyOS will achieve, that's for sure. However, given Huawei's track record, Huawei must immediately start to rise. At this point the competition will be placed in the background.

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