Google has new tools to improve web experience – Site today


New tools are presented at Chrome Dev Summit and are intended for programmers, who focus on improving the quality of browsing experiences on PC and cellular.

The evolution of the web platform brings a new "surprise" to web developers, but not all is fun, but Google has struggled to maintain open channels with the developer community and develop tools that simplify the creation of everyday websites. and verification of functionality.

Among the new features presented at Chrome Dev Summit are three new tools that need to be known, although one of them is the union of two performance measurement systems, Lighthouse and Pagespeed Insights. This uses a different analysis engine and now they will be united. PageSpeed ​​API v5 is also available to ensure more access to website performance data.

The Chrome team also shows a kind of "script" for good development practices, Feature Policy, which allows you to choose to restrict APIs, change their behavior, and various browser features.

For those who want to explore more news, there are also two new specifications Web and Portal Packages that can be very useful in various development situations, including eCommerce sites.

The available tools are already on the Google developer site, where new features will be placed when available.


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