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Flooding, diverting flights and stopping traffic. Bad weather wreaks havoc in the North – News

Metro circulation at Porto Airport is disrupted by tunnel floods

The metro line between Estação dos Verdes and Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto) was interrupted today due to tunnel flooding, but circulation returned to normal in the afternoon, official sources told Lusa.

A public relations source for Metro do Porto, the public transportation system in Greater Porto, told Lusa today that heavy rains caused flooding in the subway tunnel between Os Verdes Station and Sá Carneiro Airport, which led to "disruption to the lane". between 12:00 and 14:30 ".

The channel reopened after 2:30 pm and circulation returned to normal, the same source added.

Floods in Porto and Braga

Commander Pedro Araújo from the Emergency and National Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) at 16:30 recorded incidents related to rainfall and which affected mainly the districts of Porto and Braga.

According to Pedro Araújo, the most affected cities in the Porto district are Maia and Matosinhos, where there are several secondary roads and vehicles submerged in water, as well as flooded garages and residences.

The ANEPC commander also noted that access to the main entrance of the Maia shopping center has been flooded, which prevents people from leaving the site and is currently waiting for the water to recede.

According to Civil Protection, the Paranhos tunnel was also flooded.

In Braga district, the most complicated situation was this morning at Vila Nova de Famalicão, where the overflow of waterways caused flooding in the garage and submerged housing and vehicles, he explained.

Pedro Araújo also said that at this time, the rain had stopped falling in the Porto district, but the number of events was still increasing because of the effects of runoff.

Flight diverted

"Bad weather conditions" caused at least nine flights to be diverted at Sá Carneiro Airport, Porto district, ANA Aeroportos official told Lusa.

There are at least nine flights that were supposed to arrive at Sá Carneiro Airport in the Porto district this morning, but they are all diverted, you can read the ANA Airports website at "Arrival and Departure Information".

Flight 11:10 from Frankfurt (Germany) by the Lufthansa airline is diverted, such as flight 11:35 from Terceira Ryanair Island (Azores / Portugal).

Also diverted are 11:50 Ryanair flights from Milan / Bergamo (Italy), 11:50 Ryanair flights from London (Stansted / United Kingdom), and 11:55 Ryanair flights from Nantes (France). Easyjet

Azores Airline 11:55 flights from Toronto (Canada) also appear as "diverted", as are the Ryanair Manchester (UK) flights 12:00 or Ryanair 12:45 Venice.

According to ANA Aeroportos official sources, flight diversion is related to "bad weather conditions", referring to further explanation for later.

Between 11:00 and 13:33 today only three flights – Lisbon, Paris and Genoa – landed at Sá Carneiro Airport, according to the ANA Aeroportos website.

Traffic stops at A28

Traffic was stopped on the A28 road, near the exit of Leça da Palmeira and the port of Leixões, in the Porto region, due to heavy rain, sources told GNR Lusa.

Heavy rains that occurred all morning in Porto caused flooding on public roads and stopped the circulation of cars on the A28 near the Leça da Palmeira Bridge and the port of Leix Lees, the source said. , noting that the water level has risen and makes cars impossible to circulate.

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