Thursday , October 21 2021

FC Porto reaches the Taa EHF – Handball group stage – Sports


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"Naga", which divided the national championship leadership with rivals Benfica and Sporting, was forced into second place in the German league, because they managed to keep up with the meeting in the final phase of the first round, reaching intervals with six (18-12).

Magdeburg was on the edge for almost 20 minutes when FC Porto took the lead for the first time (9-8), with an excellent combination of air from Rui Silva and António Areia, who finished with a right-wing flight.

Blue and white supremacy, which was consolidated by a very effective defense and concrete counterattack, was confirmed in the second half, when the Portuguese proceeded to win with 31-21, just over five minutes from the end.

In the end, the difference was reduced to seven goals at the best stage of Germany, but without questioning the qualifications of Magnus Andersson's team for the EHF Cup group stage, which would be the only Portuguese representative, after the elimination of Benfica against Germany TSV Hannover-Burgdorf.

Alfredo Quintana and Thomas Bauer were targeted at the "dragon" goal at the meeting which included striker António Areia, who scored nine goals after signing eight in Germany.

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