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City Council President S. Vitor, Ricardo Silva, will ask his colleague from the Braga City Council, Ricardo Rio, a meeting with landowners around the Tujuh Air Mancur monument with the aim of "opening the doors of dialogue and negotiations" about the land needed for the ecopark .

This information was given to O MINHO by one of the owners present, this Monday after the president of the S. Vitor Board received the landowner from Tujuh Air Mancur which was included in the projected area of ​​the park that the Braga City Council made.

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According to the source, the owner stressed the position of "lack of dialogue" adopted by the Braga City Council, which surprised the chairman of the Council, who, although representing more than 30,000 people living in the largest parish in brackish, has been heard in this regard.

"The Municipality of Braga has not provided Junta de S. Vítor's knowledge of what happened in Seven Sources. And he is developing a strategy that is unknown to landowners as they are," Ricardo Silva said, adding that "there must be people with the ability to sit in table and listen to the owners. "

The Chair of the Council has made himself available to become an "agent of communication with the City Council", for which he will ask for a meeting that brings together the parties involved.

At a meeting with Mayor S. Vítor, proposals were presented, which were given by the owner to the Braga City Council to achieve an understanding and allow the process to develop in a faster and fairer way, from the DPR there was no openness to welcome and debate ideas. this idea.

MINHO tried to contact, without success, the president of São Vítor. Ricardo Rio, leader of the Municipality, declined to comment on the topic.

Another source told O MINHO that Ricardo Siva's position was "strange" because the project for Seven Fonts was given to him and the same thing happened to the value the Chamber wanted to pay, ten euros per square meter, and it benefited from their agreement.

Veloso criticized

The owners have the opportunity to convey their views, always favorable for the preservation and valorization of the existing archaeological, cultural and historical heritage of Seven Water Fountains, which states that they are available to surrender land to the ekopark, however, at a fair price.

Seven Fonts. Photo: DR

The entrepreneur Veloso de Azevedo, the biggest owner, with 7.5 hectares, was quite critical about the position of the City Council in this process. "I think this is a terrible insult," he said, given that the 10-euro-per-square meter offers local authorities proposing to acquire land is not a serious proposition. "There is the silence of the municipality which aims to wait for the next PDM revision to erase constructive capacity. This is not serious. It is not honest," Veloso de Azevedo said.

Next to him, other owners, such as businessman Ermelando Sequeira, explained to the Parish Council president that they could not remain calm and calm about the City Council's proposal, which, in essence, wanted the owners to financially support gardening, offering unimaginable value for land acquisition.

"When Chamber of Braga said that landowners boycotted the implementation of the park, this is not true, because the mayor refused to negotiate, refused to accept the request for takeover of landowners in court and did not accept the arbitral tribunal," argued Ermelando Sequeira, from Vilaminho's group.

Manuel Sampaio, a representative of a family who had owned land there for more than a century, has revealed that he had been "forced" by City Hall: "They told us to receive 10 euros because it would be worse if we did not accept it,"

"We must be compensated for the fair value provided by law," defended, in turn, the owner Bernardette Fernandes, who asked in court to compensate more than 2 million euros.


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