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In August 2015, Kevin-Prince Boateng underwent a medical examination at Alvalade and failed. Approved that it was damaged.

Kevin-Prince, 31, the oldest of Boateng's brothers – Jerome (29) remains German and plays for Bayern Munich – is a surprise bombing of the Barcelona market. The striker was in Sassuolo and was chosen as a substitute for Luis Suárez, so the Uruguayan could rest in several matches. It arrived in Catalonia assigned, but with an option clause in the amount of eight million euros.

Boateng is one step away from becoming a Sporting player in August 2015. He has an agreement and signing depends on a medical examination, but the player does not convince the club's clinical department, led by the current president, Frederico Varandas, to give him the right

He left Schalke 04 and continued his career half a year later, already in 2016, at Milan, where he stayed until the end of the season. After that, he jumped from season to season: Las Palmas, Frankfurt Eintracht, Sassuolo and now Barcelona. Apart from Sporting, it is also on Real Madrid's radar, but also not included. And he didn't forget, because in the first public statement he gave to confirm the contract with Barca, said: "From now on, I just want to focus on Barcelona and hope to score at the Santiago Bernabeu in the next classic."

Kevin-Prince can be considered an unnatural recruitment for a club like Barcelona. He is a controversial, hard, sometimes excessive player, and recently he has defined himself as a soccer player. He began as a defensive midfielder, becoming a bit of a discipline in tactical matters he then played as No. 8, box to box, which gives way to the second forward and forward spearhead, although with the fingers of action it is sometimes exaggerated. To this day only once has reached the 10 goals / season: in Las Palmas on 2016/17.


Barça are third in Europe to provide opportunities after failing at Borussia Dortmund and Milan. The Catalans believe that the controversy is behind. And also his injuries. "The reason we always get hurt is because we have sex between seven and ten times a week," said Melissa Satta's girlfriend, former model and television host who split from fellow Christian Vieri in 2010 after exchanging allegations of infidelity.

When he passed Tottenham, the player even weighed 95 pounds and claimed he left every night until six o'clock in the morning and was "swollen due to excessive alcohol and food."

Because he was fat and didn't play, he calculated the Lamborghini purchase. "You're happy for a week, so you won't use it again. I still have that picture: three cars, a big house and you stand there like 50 Cent [rapper dos Estados Unidos]. Sometimes I think and say: You are so stupid! But I study and grow. "

In 2014, he was expelled from the Ghana team (he made it to the Under-21s for Germany) for insulting the voter. They attract accreditation.


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