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Eating Disorder is a reality that can be started in childhood

Anorexia or bulimia nervosa are eating-related mental disorders and are generally associated with adolescence, because in this age group the most dominate cases, however, are not exclusive cases of this age.

A study presented this week by Jama shows that more and more cases of children 9 and 10 years who suffer from this same problem. An increase of 1.4% of cases is estimated, because previous studies were conducted for the same public, which presents figures 14 times lower than what is now revealed.

In addition to the prevalence of cases, similarities between the sexes are another unexpected conclusion, because it is predicted that eating disorders affect mainly female sex. On the contrary all samples exposed to fragility which at this age make individuals more likely to experience depression or anxiety. In fact, previous research in this study made it possible to show that certain psychiatric problems in childhood were broadly related to the development of other diseases from psychological forums, including mental disorders.

The beauty pattern that negatively affects many young people may also affect the early stages of life, which is why it is very important for parents to be aware of unusual behavior.

Criticism of one's own body and self-distorted image are some aspects that must be addressed – problems that may arise even earlier, at the age of six, as seen in the Jama study.

Early diagnosis is very important because even if the disorder is not as severe or clear as in adolescents, it can be valid for years, which makes treatment difficult.

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